We are looking for experienced cooks to join our growing kitchen team.

Detailed Tasks:

Food preparation

  • Vegetable prep: must know how to slice/dice/chop different vegetables. We use a variety of exotic fruits and veggies that sometimes need special handling
  • Butchering: must know how to butcher all cuts of chicken, pork, beef.
  • Cooking and seasoning: must have experience cooking and creating own dishes; familiarity with tastes and flavours

Leadership and Management

  • Must be independent
  • Able to lead team of cooks

Cleanliness & Sanitation

  • Ensure that we comply with sanitary regulations
  • Ensure that kitchen is clean and well-organized at all times

Required competencies:

  • Organized & detail-oriented
  • Can work independently, with minimal supervision
  • Punctual
  • Team-player
  • Accept feedback / constructive criticism from team
  • Must have a love and appreciation for food and feeding people