Role Description:

We are looking for a part-time Branch Manager (20-30 hrs/week) to overlook our daily lunch and dinner delivery operations. If you are interested in being part of a growing team and company in Montreal, and would like to gain valuable experience in a business that is operationally intense, we would love to hear from you.

You must be an adventurous individual who thrives in high-energy, fast-paced environments. If you prefer a comfortable job at a desk, this is not for you. Ideal candidates are flexible, think outside of the box, and can handle stressful situations without losing face, and continuously put the customer first. If you fit the profile, we would love to hear from you and how you would want to be part of FreshMint’s growing success.

Detailed tasks:

  • Responsible for overall success of daily operations (including deliveries, office-snack solutions, kitchen operations, customer service)
  • Managing a team of approximately 20 part-time contractors
    • Scheduling
    • Own the hiring process and recruitment efforts (interviewing, training, onboarding new employees)
  • Dispatching delivery and catering orders on a daily basis
  • Handle customer service
    • Timely answer of service related requests
    • Ensure marketing campaigns are properly created
    • Ensure product descriptions, pictures, and scheduling is in line with kitchen operations
  • Develop and maintain existing relationships with key suppliers
    • Ordering food, snack, and packaging supplies on a regular basis
    • Ordering supplies necessary for the day to day maintenance of the kitchen (cleaning, maintenance, and other)
  • Ensuring the working premises are immaculate
    • Delegating daily maintenance of work premises
  • Working hand in hand with kitchen team and chef
    • Deciding on daily meal prep quantities
    • Managing food waste
    • Ordering food supplies


  • Fully bilingual - you’ll be dealing with francophone and anglophone staff, customers, and suppliers. You need to be able to speak and write perfectly in both languages.
  • 3-5 years work experience (some management experience is a must).
  • Comfortable with technology; we're a food and technology company.
  • Business operations and logistics - you don’t like inefficient processes and do everything in your power to build upon and improve them.
  • Strong business acumen - We are a customer-centric business and you are a customer centric manager - you understand that with no customers, there is no business.
  • Strong work ethic - you are excited to be part of the founding team of a young dynamic startup and will do anything possible to see it grow and succeed.
  • Organized individual - you will be handling multiple tasks/projects and will have a lot of responsibilities. Being able to manage your time efficiently and prioritize tasks is a must.

Why FreshMint?

We are an early-stage startup focused on making it convenient to eat well. We're obsessed with making amazing food available to everyone in the most convenient way possible.

Our guiding principles are to offer best-in-class customer service, affordable food, fast delivery, convenient ordering, transparency, tasty and healthy options. Our operations, technology, and sales and marketing teams are continuously working together to deliver on these promises every single day.